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    Born   02 February 1974 
    Where   LahorePunjabPakistan
    Occupation   Singer - Musician
    Years active   1996-Present
    Instrument's   Vocals
    Labels   Lips Music - Sonic - Sadaf Stereo - Coke Studio Pakistan
    Genres   Pop - Classical - Semi-classical - Folk - Bhangra - Ghazal

  Nahid Siddiqui (cousin) / Talat Siddiqui (aunt) / Arifa Siddiqui (cousin) / Rehana  Siddiqui (aunt)

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Fariha Pervez

Artist - Singer - Song Writer - Musician



                    Fariha Pervez (Pakistani Celebrity) - a famous Singer


Simple, Straight Forward, Sensitive. For me its All about music because music is the thing which describes me the most

Fariha Pervez is one of the leading female singers of Pakistan. Fariha Pervez started her career with anchoring & acting from a very young age on PTV (Pakistan state television channel). She also co-hosted a popular children's music program
"Aangan Aangan Taray". After the release of her debut Album. "Nice n Naughty", her song "Patang Baaz" (a.k.a Bo kata) became a super hit. her musical career took off and she there onwards decided to focus solely on singing.

Family Background
Fariha Pervez belongs to a family of talented females of Pakistani showbiz. She is the niece of "Rehana Siddique" & "Talat Siddique", the two renowned actresses of Pakistan and cousin to "Naheed Siddique"(an internationally famous Kathak dancer) and "Arifa Siddique"(an acting/singing star in her own right). Fariha Pervez is the only sister of two brothers and likes to spend her spare time with her family.

Early Life
Fariha Pervez inherited her singing talent from her father. Her father used to sing very well but couldn't become a singer as his family opposed this profession. So he encouraged his one & only daughter to become a singer. In 1995, Fariha Pervez joined "Master Feroze Gill" (Cousin of "Ustad Ghulam Hussain Shaggan" of "Gwaliar Gharana") for classical training in music.

Fariha Pervez started her career with anchoring & acting in the early 90s but then she switched over to music in mid 90s.

Anchoring Career
In her early career, Fariha Pervez hosted a kids musical show from PTV by the name of "Aangan Aangan Taarey" which was later on hosted by Hadiqa Kiani. While in 2005, Fariha Pervez yet again appeared as a host in a music show by name of "Many Moods Of Fariha" which was aired from Indus Television Network's channel, Channel G (Now G Kaboom).

Many Moods Of Fariha
Fariha Pervez hosted a show in 2005 by the name of Many Moods of Fariha aired from channel G (Now G Kaboom). About 38 episodes of this show were aired. The format of the show was a musician interviewing a musician along with live performances from both the host & the guests. Artists who appeared as guests in Fariha Pervez's show were:

Khalid Anum; M.Ali Shaheki; Ali Sheikh; Sajjad Ali; Aamir Saleem; Lucky Ali; Shariq Roomi; Nadeem Jafferi; Shiraz Uppal; Tanseer Dar (Karavan); Saleem Javed; Waqar Ali; Shakila Khorasani; Shehzad Mughal; Farooq (Aaroh); Jimmy Attre; Tariq Khan(Legacy); Mizmaar; Faisal Latif; Garaj (Band); Dino; Farah Hassan; Khadija Haider; Gurus Trilogy; Mazhar Rahi; Abbas Ali Khan; Raga Boyz; Seher; Rahim Shah; Siege; Vicky; Shaheed Mir (a.k.a Mir); Nafees Ahmed; Baber; Arsalan; Imik; Hassan Jahangir; Faisal Latif.

From 1996 till present, Fariha Pervez has released 7 albums so far.

1 Nice & Naughty (1996)
2 Music viewzik (1997)
3 Jhumka (2000)
4 O Vela Yaad Kar (2001)
5 Piya (2003)
6 Passion (2005)
7 Abhi Abhi (2010)

Nice & Naughty (1996)
While singing jingles for an advertising agency, Fariha Pervez met Sattar Khan who convinced Fariha to release her debut album 1996 under the record label Lips Music. Nice & Naughty became a massive hit. This album had 11 songs. The very famous Patang Baaz Sajna is one of these tracks. Lyrics of this album (Except Hum Tum Ko & Kat He Gayi) were written by Zahid Abbas, while the contributions in music were made by Mujahid Hussain, Hassan Turk, Qadeer Wazir & Pervaiz Mehdi. Concept & music styling was by Sattar Khan.

Abhi Abhi (2010)
Fariha Pervez's 7th album Abhi Abhi has been released under Sadaf Stereo record label. The album was officially launched on 12th November 2010. The video of the title track "Abhi Abhi" was released in 2008 which was directed by Sohail Javed starring Fahad Mustafa.While 3 more videos of "Mahiya Tere Pyar", "Dil Bolay" & "Iss Pyar Main" has also been released so far. Ahsan Pervaiz of Siege, Sahir Ali Bagga, Shiraz Uppal, Dj Ali Mustafa & Shuja Haider have contributed in the album. Fariha Pervez has also paid a tribute to Michael Jackson in her new album.

Official Premiers From The Album:
The song "Nachi Ja" from this album was aired for the 1st time on Mast Fm 103 Lahore's show Showbiz Masala (Hosted by Dr.Ejaz Waris) on 18th July 2010. "Nachi Ja" has a funky beat to it while another song "Mahiya Tere Pyar" was aired for the 1st time in Ptv's show Virsa Heritage Revived Eid Special on 11th September 2010.While the official Music video of "Mahiya Tere Pyar" was premiered for the 1st time in Ptv's show Meena Bazar with Ayesha Sana on 29th October 2010 & the song "Dil Bolay" was also performed by Fariha Pervez in this show for the very 1st time.

Official Music Videos:
A total number of 4 videos has been released so far from this album including the title track "Abhi Abhi", "Mahiya Tere Pyar", "Dil Bolay" & "Iss Pyar Main" while the video of "Nachi Ja" is still under production.


                                  Songs List
No Title Music Lyrics
1 Thora Thora Pyar Shuja Haider Shuja Haider
2 Hera Phairiyan Sahir Ali Bagga Anis Ahmed
3 Mujhe Le Ke Chal Mehmood Khan Mehmood Khan
4 Akhyan Akhyan Sahir Ali Bagga Anis Ahmed
5 Dhoondh Le Panah Mehmood Khan Mehmood Khan
6 Aa Mere Pass Shuja Haider Shuja Haider
7 Chalo Ik Saath Amjad Bobby (Late), Sequencing: Moon Adeen Taj
8 Ja Main Nai Khedna Sahir Ali Bagga Anis Ahmed
9 Mehndi Rung Li Ifrahim Ifrahim
10 Yaad Piya Ki Aaye Mujahid Hussain Ayub Khawar
11 Mai Ni Mai Sahir Ali Bagga Anis Ahmed
12 Thora Thora Pyar (Party Mix) Shuja Haider Shuja Haider
13 O' Vela Yaad Kar M. Arshad Riaz ur Rehman Saghar


No Award Giving Body Award Year Result
1 1st Indus Music Awards Best Song (Kokla Chapaaki) 2004 WON
2 1st Indus Music Awards Fariha Pervez - Best female pop artist 2004 WON
3 1st Indus Music Awards Best Female Singer of the Year 2004 NOMINATED
4 1st The Musik Awards[ Best Ballad (Yaad Piya Ki Aaye) 2006 WON
5 1st The Musik Awards Most wanted Female 2006 NOMINATED
6 3rd Indus Music Awards Best Female Singer of the Year 2007 WON
7 1st MTV Pakistan Music Awards Best Female Singer of the Year 2009 WON
8 1st Pakistan Media Awards Best Female Singer 2010 NOMINATED
9 2nd Pakistan Media Awards Best Female Singer of the Year 2011 WON
10 PTV National Awards Best Female Singer of the Year 2010 2011 NOMINATED
11 4th Dynamic Women's Day Awards Special Award for Achievements in Music 2015 WON

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